Our Values

At DayMark, our values drive our commitment to guide our clients in the pursuit of their goals.


To honor the trust granted by our clients, we look to serve them with our full capabilities, skills and experience.


We are committed to maintaining strong moral principles in every facet of our business.


We see each client as an individual and treat them with esteem, deference and discretion.


We continue to define our careers by putting our clients’ best interests first.


By fulfilling our commitments, we are deeply loyal to our clients, building relationships across generations.

We offer you leadership along with loyalty and a commitment to deliver on everything we say we’ll do.

How We Help

We follow a disciplined planning process to help you identify what matters most to you and your family. We are keenly sensitive to the impact of family dynamics on financial decision making, so we build comprehensive plans that focus on the needs and aspirations for each generation.

Using advanced technology and tools, we apply a forward-thinking approach to find smart solutions for all your financial challenges. We work in an open architecture that allows us to evaluate and recommend the most appropriate products and services from a vast array of resource partners. This creates intellectual and capital advantages for you as we access a full competitive marketplace on your behalf.

We will coordinate with your other trusted advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, to ensure our plans and actions are aligned and support a cohesive and holistic approach to managing your wealth. As an independent firm, we offer a ‘triangulation of advice’ — in which our advisory role is distinct from that of the custodian we’ve chosen to safeguard our clients’ assets, and from the roles of the various resource partners whose products we may recommend. This formula provides a ‘best of all worlds’ approach that underscores our role as fiduciaries — prioritizing your best interests.

We provide a level of impeccable service that is marked by our responsiveness and attentiveness and driven by the frequency of our communications. Integrity, loyalty and respect form the foundation of our client relationships. We are committed to delivering enterprise alpha — the full capabilities of the firm and every team member — to promote financial well-being for our clients.

A Firm for Elite Advisors

DayMark Wealth Partners will continue to grow by attracting other top advisory practices and supporting them as clients of our firm. Our growth and success will be driven by our commitment to manage to the highest possible standards, instead of the lowest common denominator as so many large commercial firms are forced to do.